Where to play chess in India?

India is a country that has improved quite a bit in sports and games especially in football and Chess. The extent of the progress India has made in Chess can easily be seen by the number of grand masters that India has produced in a past few decades. The reason behind the rise of Chess in India is because of the variety and accessibility of Chess Tournaments in India. There a large number of Chess tournaments held in India each year in order to explore and discover the new talent available.

The reason behind the rise of Chess in India is because of the excellent national and domestic infrastructure. Inter School chess competitions are held each year in India to encourage youngsters to take part in Chess. Many of the grandmasters in India started their journey from such school tournaments. National Schools 2017 will take place in Nagpur India that will feature the best chess players from different schools from across the country.

India has made Chess an all-inclusive sport allowing anyone to take part even those with disabilities. The AICFB championship is for the visually challenged is a national event that will take place in Kolkata, India. That tournament encourages chess talents that have Visual disabilities to take part in the event and compete on a national level.

India has not only focused on men but also on women. Special tournaments are held for women to showcase their amazing skill and talent. Team women chess Championship, under 13 Women Championships and Maharashtra State Selection Women’s FIDE ratings open are one of the few national chess championships that are held for women.

India has the strong state level chess competition infrastructure. This infrastructure has made it possible for India to forge so many chess grandmasters in such a short period of time. The major chess tournaments in India are:

  • All Goa state level championship
  • TN state U13 boys Chess Championship
  • Chess Championship 2017
  • Tamilnadu State Sub Junior (U-15) Open & Girls
  • Maharashtra State Selection Women’s FIDE ratings open
  • FIDE rated Punjab Chess Championship

Such tournaments breed youngsters for national level championships. The availability of so many experienced players motivates the youngsters and gives them the opportunity to train and practice under such talented individuals.

Having 46 grandmasters, India is definitely a prominent figure in Chess. Odisha open, Mayor Cup international chess tournament are some tournaments that enable the national level champions to participate and compete with talent from other countries.

This highly arranged and organized scheme of school, state, national and international level tournaments have proven exception to encourage rising talent and bring Chess into the spotlight as a support everyone can enjoy!

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